TLL Insurance Services boasts one of the highest client retention rates in the industry, because we prioritize our clients’ needs. We are partners and advocates for our clients. We go beyond simply finding the right benefits products to supporting our clients over time with benefits management, administration, and problem-solving.

Here’s what our clients say about working with TLL Insurance Services:

“TLL has guided us to the best program for our employees and we have total faith in their knowledge and recommendations.”

“I was totally stunned to find out my previous broker did not show me these other cost saving alternatives under Kaiser!”

“We all need some serious guidance to get through the weeds of this CARE act without spending a small fortune!! And TLL is truly exceptional at this.”

“TLL saved me a great deal of money from the moment we met 15 years ago!”

“Knowledgeable, intelligent, reliable and responsive are words that describe our opinion of TLL Insurance Services.”